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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

for 12/6: “Miss TSA” calendar reminds us just how unsexy some “sexy” poses are

“Miss TSA” calendar reminds us just how unsexy some “sexy” poses are

Chloe at Feministing says, "The photos were originally taken for another calendar that was designed to convince doctors to buy x-ray monitors. I appreciate these photos because they’re a reminder that, when you look at conventional definitions of “sexy” from a slightly different angle – in this case, from an angle that removes facial expression, hair, makeup, surrounding requisite beach or fur rug and leaves nothing but the body – those definitions start to look really ridiculous. These poses are totally absurd, so unlikely to be struck during actual real-life sex, and this particular form of photography throws that into sharp relief. It can be easy to forget, when you’re looking at a photo that includes all the images that serve as code for “sexy” – the hair, the pout, the lighting, the flesh – that it’s all a carefully orchestrated performance. These x-rays take that performance and remind us that it’s all a show, and not a very sexy one at that."

What do you say about them?


  1. I think these poses are kind of distrubing but rather real. I totally agree with what this article is saying. People get the "sexy" part of someone in the light but once the lights are out, it removes all the "sexy" parts of a person. What I get from this article is that people aren't looking deep enough when they consider something or someone "sexy." They are only looking at the facial expressions, hair, makeup, and etc when it goes further than those things. People shouldn't let the "sexy" that they see within someone or something get to them because it's only something that is carefully put together. Just as easily or quickly it was put together it could be taken apart.
    Shaletta M. Hanson

  2. Sheletta,
    This is an interesting commentary on what "sexy" means.

  3. These photos are very interesting because if these skeletons were shown with skin on them, they would be considered "sexy" by society. Now that these photos just show the bones underneath, this woman looks very unattractive and even somewhat awkward and uncomfortable. These photos show how important inner beauty is over an outward beauty. One day, no matter how attractive you partner is now, will be bones just like this picture shows. Society focuses too much on "sexy" and not enough on a woman being intelligent,witty, and thoughtful. A girl that is "sexy" to me is a girl who can hold a conversation and challenge me to be a better person every day.
    David VanDerway

  4. These photos are more awkward than sexy. There is an extremely great point made that without the facial expression, clothing, and other key variables the posed look extremely uncomfortable and unappealing. If this is what the world perceives as sexy internally, then I am defiantly aiming to be as un-sexy as possible. These pictures show the illusions that physical beauty or attractiveness can hold on people’s minds. Sex-appeal or desirability mean more than physical aspects, it’s not simply internal such as the anatomy and bones we see in these pictures, but this appeal much have feelings, conversations, and other things along with the physical to be “sexy”

    Maya Stainback

  5. It is interesting to put x-ray images with sexy poses. If it weren't an x-ray picture these pictures would be looked at as sexy and scandalous. The thing that shocks me is that this woman is allowing them to do this. X-rays are terrible for your body. Who knows how much radiation this lady had encountered in her body just for some pictures.
    Josh Boyer. Mrs. Stovalls class